Suzanne Sheppard has been teaching Piano and Music Composition to students of all ages and levels for more than 20 years.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge with all who are eager to learn.  Her experience includes teaching private lessons in her own studio, various community music schools and college campuses.  Currently, Suzanne is accepting students in her home studio in South Attleboro, MA.

Suzanne believes in the value and importance of providing each of her students with a thorough musical education.  Therefore, she instructs her piano students in technique, sight-reading, theory, performance skills and general musicianship.  Improvisation and/or arranging may be included, with lessons tailored to each individual student.  Although classically trained, Suzanne is exceptionally versatile.  She will often include a variety of materials in her teaching, seeking to provide a solid foundation while accommodating each student's individual tastes.  Yearly recitals and occasional, informal piano gatherings are organized so that students may gain valuable performance experience.

Suzanne offers private composition lessons to students who have reached at least an early intermediate level of proficiency at the piano and are actively exploring and creating ideas and/or whole pieces of music.  She assists students with notation, the development of ideas, form, melodic line and direction, theory, instrumentation and orchestration.  Listening and improvisation are encouraged.

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For further information, please refer to the Teaching Experience section on pages 1 and 2 of Suzanne's CV, or call 508-801-4241.